About Our Online Reservation Process
By using our online reservation process, you can immediately make a reservation.
A room will be automatically reserved for you. You can also change or cancel your reservation details.

There are 3 steps to complete a Reservation...
(1) Check the availability of the Room
(2) Begin the Registration Process
(3) Collecting your Information

(1) Check the availability of the Room
Check and make sure that the room is available on the day(s) you plan to stay. Select the date and click the button that says "Availability check" or the day in the table. If the rooms are available on the day you selected, a window appears called "Reservation details" In this window, you can check the room rate and availability.

Your reservation is not completed at this stage, please continue onto the next step...

(2) Begin the Registration Process
To continue the registration process please enter your e-mail address and then click the button "Next"..

(3) Collecting your Information
If you make a reservation for the first time, a registration form appears. To register your information, please fill in the form. After submitting the form, you will become able to complete the reservation process.

If you have already registered before, you can move on to the booking process without completing the registration form.

The online reservation system is operated by this company on this web site: http://www.dyn.co.jp/ (Japanese only, sorry)

Your information will only be used only for your reservation purposes. Your information is protected and is private and we will never give to any third parties.

Click here to begin the registration process,
to check room rates and make a reservation

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